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In this episode of THE MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Omar De Windt from Miami Real Estate Podcast with Cervera interviews Orlando Montiel, Real Estate, and Business Coach.

Orlando lays out his five-step method for increasing your sales by $100k in six months and shares his proven approach to becoming a market superstar on this passion-infused episode of The Miami Real Estate Show with Omar De Windt.


During this interview, you will learn:

  • How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent.
  • Biggest Mistake Realtors Make.
  • How to Be a “Celebrity” in your Market.
  • Agent-Centric Approach vs. Client Centric Approach.
  • 5-Step Method to Increase your Sales by $100K.


Great takeaways from this interview:

  • We are not in the business of real estate or service; we are in the business of Marketing. Your ability to market your services better than the competition is what’s going to set you apart.
  • The 3 Buckets, #1 focus on a specialized knowledge, #2 focus on your marketing and #3 focus on mastering the sales conversation.
  • If you want to make more money, stop being busy.


2018 will be a great year for The Miami Real Estate Show. We look forward to bringing you even bigger names in real estate with the re-vamped web series hosted by The Montiel Organization Founder Orlando Montiel.


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