According to the National Association of Realtors  88% of buyers and sellers say they would use the same agent for their next real estate transaction, but only 11% do…WHY???? MOST REAL ESTATE AGENTS DON’T HAVE A MARKETING STRATEGY.

“Every top producer understands that he is not in the business or real estate, service or sales, he is in the business of Marketing”-Orlando Montiel

“As we all know; you can’t sell anything that you don’t market first. This is a sales and marketing business.” – Alicia Cervera, Cervera Real Estate (The Queen of Real Estate in South Florida, over $12 billion in sales and 45,000+ condominiums sold)

“2005 was not a great year for real estate in South Florida. During that time, I bumped up my marketing and ended up doing better than I have ever done before.” – Nancy Batchelor Top Producer (96 transactions closed in 2015)

“Marketing is the key to longevity in this business.” – Jeff Morr, Top Producer Douglas Elliman (Record Breaking Sales in 1 day $300 million…. YES, $300 million sold in one day)

“Top producers are not cheap. Top producers understand the value of spending money to make money. I tell agents, ‘Spend $1, and you should get $10 back. You want to make $1 million? Spend $100,000 on marketing. You want to make $5 million? Spend $500,000 in marketing. When you’re starting out, spend a $1,000 a month on marketing. That will give you a $120,000 a year.’” – Jeff Morr

“I recommend that 20% of your income go back to your marketing.” – Jeff Morr

“Pay attention to the mail that you send…Nobody cares about the home you just sold last month?” – Jay Parker Douglas Elliman Florida CEO

Course Outline: Marketing Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Creating a real estate marketing strategy for buyers and sellers
  • Lesson 2: Setting up your Marketing strategy
  • Lesson 3: Budgeting
  • Lesson 3: Integrating on-line & off-line tools (e-mails, social media, postcards, printed ads)
  • Lesson 4: Marketing process (converting the lead): awareness, education, and action
  • Lesson 5: Growing and nurturing your e-mail list
  • Lesson 6: Why most real estate ads & websites DO NOT work & How to fix it
  • Lesson 7: The 3 step email campaign (the key to successful email marketing)
  • Lesson 8: Using the right marketing strategy to become a listing agent
  • Lesson 9: Automating your strategy
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