This week in the MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Orlando Montiel interviews Top Producer and Senior Vice President of EWM Realty International, Nelson Gonzalez. Consistently, Nelson sells over $100 million a year in Luxury Real Estate, in 2014 alone sold over $137 million. His hard work and dedication placed him in the top 1% of realtors in the country.

During the interview you will learn how Nelson got started in the industry, his formula for success, and how to pre-qualify, follow up and present.

Great quotes from Nelson:

  • “High-end clients want you to take them by their hand, guide them and tell them exactly what to do.”
  • “Today everybody has access to the same information. It’s what you do with your time and with that information that makes you an expert.”
  • “Learn how to identify value in the marketplace that’s what your clients want regardless of the price.”
  • “Stick to one thing and you will be successful.”
  • “Learn from everyone and every situation. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”
  • “If you want to become an expert you must know every single street in your community.”

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