The fastest, most engaging way to improve your Real Estate Business.

Our “Master’s in Real Estate Sales” (MRES) program taught individually by a real pro to help you develop and grow your real estate business tailored to your individual needs, knowledge, personal situation and goals.

One-on-one coaching sessions have become part of many companies’ internal processes. Brokers  and real estate agents have realized the power of these one-on-one sessions – coaching drives high performance. Effective 1:1 coaching has a transformational impact both on the individuals being coached and the business.

  • Manchester University conducted a financial analysis and found that providing coaching in an organization led to high ROI; 5 to 7 times the initial cost.
  • 96% of companies reported that coaching improved individual performance.
  • In a survey of over 4,000 American companies, the main benefits of coaching reported were improved individual performance, bottom line results, skills, self-empowerment and goal achievement.

One-on-one coaching is about HELPING YOU REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL by determining your specific goals, giving you the tools and knowledge and having weekly, sometimes daily feedback to make sure you are executing correctly.

In an industry where according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the typical agent in 2015 closed 11 transactions and made $39,200 with an average expense of $4,550,  a whopping $34,650 net income. YOU MUST HAVE A CLEAR PLAN TO REACH YOUR GOALS AND THE SUPPORT SYSTEM TO HELP YOU ACCOMPLISH THEM.

Is that the kind of money you want to make?  You and I know the answer so keep reading…

The fact is that if you ask most real estate agents about their efforts, their responses are typically…

“I work very hard… I just don’t know what else to do.”

“I’m afraid of my future in the business.”

Or the ever-popular…

“The market is really tough right now.”

Say what you will about the real estate industry, but the fact is…

There’s Nothing stopping you from DOUBLING Your Sales

Ordinary agents may think that the market is “tough”, but smart and successful agents know better.

Successful agents know that, when you have the right system, support, and execute properly, there are few, faster, easier or more cost-effective ways to make money selling real estate.

But how do you do it the right way?


  1. How do you know what to learn first? Our job is to de-clutter your thinking and teach you ONLY what you need to learn NOW to double your income as fast as humanly possible. With one-on-one Coaching from The Montiel Organization, LLC you will get exactly that…. personalized training from one of our expert coaches every single week.

“In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn.”  —Jeff Bezos (4th richest person in the U.S.)

  1. How do you organize your day for maximum productivity? How do you make sure you get the most important tasks accomplished yet remain calm and with energy. “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” William Penn
  2. How do you find the right clients? How do you get them excited enough about you to want to work with you?
  3. How do you create the right marketing campaign for your real estate clients? 
  4. How do you automate the entire process so all of your new leads and prospects are converted into long-time clients?

These are the questions every real estate agent must be able to answer…

More importantly, these are the questions you must be able to answer if you want to fully maximize your efforts and build a profitable real estate practice.

But how do you do it?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

FACT: Over 98% of Real Estate Agents Lack the Proper Knowledge To Make Money Selling Real Estate

I’m not going to sell you on the importance of proper education. If you’re here, you already know it’s an essential aspect of any business, especially in real estate BECAUSE you and I know that the #1 PROBLEM in the industry is that most so-called “real estate agents” don’t know what they’re doing.

That’s where one-on-one coaching from The Montiel Organization, LLC comes in.

Once you complete the “One-on-One Master’s in Real Estate Sales” (MRES) program, you will be uniquely qualified to attract more clients and to help those clients realize their dreams.

More specifically, in this “One-on-One Master’s in Real Estate Sales” (MRES) program, you’ll learn:

  • The 16 STEPS to building a remarkable Real Estate Business
  • The 10 SECRETS of every single top producer (and how to use them in your business)
  • The 7 Sales Skills you need to excel as a real estate agent
  • How to craft the PERFECT online/offline marketing strategy including e-mail, social media and postcards to attract more buyers and sellers … (Do this right and you’ll see your income go straight up!)
  • How to make an unforgettable presentation to get more listing.  (HINT: go unprepared to the presentation and the listing will end up in your competitor’s hands.) The average seller interviews 4.4 agents before selecting an agent, will you be the one?)
  • How to master every single objection from your clients (HINT: there are only 8 objections, do this right and you will automatically increase your presentation to listing ratio over 70%.)
  • How to use proven strategies to get MORE referrals from your existing client list, specifically from your most engaged and loyal customers… 
  • Which goals and metrics you should be tracking on a day-to-day basis to make sure your Real Estate Business becomes a true success…
  • The 5 “magic” questions (and why answering these 5 simple questions will automatically qualify the clients for you)
  • 6 psychological tricks to get your e-mails opened and read by your most important clients
  • The two most important activities you must do every day. (Don’t do these and your business will go down the toilet, no matter how hard you work.)
  • Email Indoctrination: The perfect welcome email and campaign to start building real relationships with your new prospects (Buyers & Sellers) and turn them from strangers into friends.
  • The only 4 reasons people buy from you (and how to leverage them to generate more sales)
  • The 5 components of a successful real estate website and how to use them to triple your website traffic
  • The 5 types of marketing campaigns you should be using in your real estate business (and how to use them)
  • …and much, MUCH more!

In short, the “One-on-One Master’s in Real Estate Sales” (MRES) will allow you to set up your business for success and effectively monetize your efforts by increasing the number of leads and the percentage you turn into loyal clients while at the same time automating your efforts to exponentially grow your business.

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Master Real Estate Sales Agent, then I have one question for you…

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

(or…Why You Might Want to Get Certified)

Let’s face it: Real Estate agents are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…


That’s the problem!

And at The Montiel Organization, it is our business. You see, we don’t just teach how to sell real estate, we actually DELIVER for our agents.

We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.

We’re teaching you what works today because our agents are doing it. We work with literally hundreds of agents on a weekly basis and we know what works because we see it every day by working with people like you. Our job is to filter out what doesn’t work and deliver to you what is working today so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business….   WE DO THE HOMEWORK FOR YOU.

We know how hard YOU TRY and how difficult it is to make it in this business.

And that’s why we created the “One-on-One Master’s in Real Estate Sales” (MRES) program.

We built this certification/program to train our members/agents, now we want to make it available to YOU…



Our expert coaches can help you see possibilities where you can’t, and the coach will help you stay focused on the goal while you stay focused on preparing and executing to meet that goal.


It’s important to seek different viewpoints from people you trust. Once you start working with one of our coaches on a one-on-one basis, the coach can play a pivotal role in helping you think differently, challenging your thoughts, and perhaps providing insights or ideas which you haven’t thought about yet. Maybe you are setting your goal too short? or maybe there is an opportunity you are not seeing right now.


We all need to be pushed sometimes. Once you start working with your dedicated coach, he or she will push you to the next level and squeeze out that last bit of effort so you can truly move your real estate business forward.  If left to you, (and you know it), what usually happens is that you becomes complacent, satisfied with your own performance or you don’t believe you can do any better.


When your perception of a situation is influenced by emotion (it happens to every agent, because of the ups and down of the real estate market), your dedicated coach from The Montiel Organization can provide a neutral, objective, and constructive viewpoint. Your coach has not invested the same emotional energy into whatever situation or experience you’re facing and it’s very helpful to hear a trusted advisor give you the realistic, outsider point of view. Sometimes it’s enough to help you get out of a funk.

Encouragement and Motivation

It’s so easy to get discouraged in real estate, so easy to hit a setback, get rejected by a buyers or seller, when a contract is cancelled, a client doesn’t show up, a closing gets postponed…. Very often you need a person to come along and encourage you and get you back on the right path to achieving your goal… a person that reminds you that you can achieve the goal you set out to achieve and to remind you not to get distracted and to keep your eyes on the prize


What You'll Get: One-on-One Course Details

Tuition: Limited Time Just $795

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced (For agents wanting to take their business to the next level faster and want personalized weekly consultations)

Setting: On-site/Online/Virtual

Expected Completion Time: 5 Months

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • 5 Core Modules
  • 70+ Video Lessons
  • 15+ Handouts
  • 8 Workshops/Webinars
  • Live weekly 30-minutes sessions with one of our coaches (in our Coral Gables offices or via video chat)
  • Program tailor-made to your level of business
Course Details and Description

Course Breakdown:

Module 0: Principles

  • Lesson 1: Start Here
  • Lesson 2: The 3 step real estate learning process
  • Lesson 3: 10/90 Rule of Real Estate
  • Lesson 4: How to find qualified Buyers and Sellers
  • Lesson 5: Trust Model “The Income Generating System for your Real Estate Business
  • Lesson 6: Blue Print #1 – Understanding the business model
  • Lesson 7: Blue Print #2 – Understanding the Lead Generation Model

Module 1: Positioning

  • Lesson 8: How to determine your most probable client
  • Lesson 9: The importance of the database/List
  • Lesson 10: Project 250 Plus (Finding your most profitable clients)
  • Lesson 11: How to segment your client’s list (Organizing your database for maximum profitability)

Module 2: Creating Products and Services (Offer)

  • Lesson 12: How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Lesson 13: What can you offer to your clients
  • Lesson 14: The process of creating products
  • Lesson 15: Writing/Editing Great Content
  • Lesson 16: Writing Headlines

Module 3: Marketing Strategy

  • Lesson 17: Content Marketing as the core of your real estate business
  • Lesson 18: Marketing process: awareness, education, and action
  • Lesson 19: Why most real estate ads & websites DO NOT work & How to fix it
  • Lesson 20: The 3 step email campaign (the key to successful e-mail marketing)
  • Lesson 21: How to become a listing agent 

Module 4: Platform (product/content distribution)

  • Email Marketing Workshop Webminar
  • Lesson 23: Email Templates
  • Lesson 24: Tool Demo: Mailchimp Basic
  • Lesson 25: Crafting Your Subject Lines
  • Lesson 26: Crafting Your Body Copy
  • Lesson 27: Lead Magnets
  • Lesson 28: Inserting Calls To Action
  • Lesson 29: Recycling Content
  • Lesson 30: Automation
  • Lesson 31: Tracking and measuring results
  • Lesson 32: Optimizing Opens & Clicks
  • Social Media
  • Lesson 33: Which Social Media Channel Is Right For You
  • Lesson 34: Social Media Dont’s
  • Lesson 35: Engagement vs Followers
  • Lesson 36: Tool Demo – Edgar
  • Lesson 37: Tool Demo – Facebook’s Boost Post Function
  • Postcard Workshop Webminar
  • Lesson 38: Postcards Dont’s
  • Lesson 39: The Postcard goal
  • Lesson 40: Getting more leads
  • Website
  • Lesson 41: Website Do’s & Don’ts
  • Lesson 42: Generating more subscribers

Module 5: Sales Skills

  • Lesson 43: The 6 skills you need to sell real estate
  • Finding Clients
  • Lesson 44: How to generate clients
  • Lesson 45: The trust Model as the Income Generating System
  • Prequalifying
  • Lesson 46: Why and how to Pre – Qualify?
  • Lesson 47: 5 Key Questions
  • Lesson 48: Getting deeper in the questions
  • Following Up
  • Lesson 49: Setting up a follow up system
  • Lesson 50: Why?  When?  How? Goal?
  • Presenting
  • Lesson 51: 5 steps to every successful presentation
  • Lesson 52: The Presentation Package
  • Lesson 53: Presentation Workshop/Webminar
  • Handling Objections
  • Lesson 54: 5 Reasons you should learn the objections
  • Lesson 55: What to do with the objections you are getting on a regular basis
  • Lesson 56: Four rules when handling objections
  • Lesson 57: Tips for handling objections
  • Lesson 58: The 8 objections
  • Lesson 59: Money
  • Lesson 60: Commission
  • Lesson 61: Comparison
  • Lesson 62: Authority
  • Lesson 63: Let me think about it
  • Lesson 64: No need
  • Lesson 65: Satisfied
  • Lesson 66: Commitment
  • Closing the deal
  • Lesson 67: Negotiating and closing tecniques

Module 6: Managing better your time

  • Lesson 68: Why 1 year plans does not work
  • Lesson 69: The 5 key projects to focus your business
  • Lesson 70: The 6 rules to manage your time
  • Lesson 71: The Tools
  • Lesson 72: Tracking and measuring results
Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I finish the program?

You will automatically be enrolled in our LifeTime Membership program and continue to get unlimited access to our seminars, 90 Day Challenge, workshops, entire library of video content, group coaching courses, and new products and programs as we release them for a discounted price of $95/per month.  See video

. There’s aren’t “levels” of video lesson subscription and videos don’t cycle out of availability. You watch whatever you want, whenever you want on your phone, tablet, or computer. You also get access to Instructor Feedback via our TMO Forum.

Did I really hear $95 per month?

Absolutely. Our Life Time Membership Plan exclusively for our existing members is just $95 a month or $799 paid annually. We are on a mission to help 10,000 real estate agents triple their income within 24 months. We goal is to revolutionize and democratize education for real estate professionals by offering unlimited access to hundreds of hours of the highest quality of real estate instruction.

We want 10,000 agents to get the world’s best real estate education at the world’s best price” Orlando Montiel.

Really? $95? I spend more in a good dinner.

Yes! Tell your friends and help us grow!

Can I finish the program in less than 5 months?

Yes you can.  However the tuition for the course is still the same.

What happens if I can’t  finish the program within the first 5 months?

You will automatically be enrolled in our LifeTime Membership program and continue to get unlimited access to our seminars, 90 Day Challenge, workshops, entire library of video content, group coaching courses, and new products and programs as we release them for a discounted price of $95/per month.  See video

. There’s aren’t “levels” of video lesson subscription and videos don’t cycle out of availability. You watch whatever you want, whenever you want on your phone, tablet, or computer. You also get access to Instructor Feedback via our TMO Forum.

Is there a contract?

No, you can cancel anytime after the

Are the prices going to change again?

Currently we don’t have plans to do so. The current rates are what we have planned for the foreseeable future.

Can I really learn real estate on the computer?

Yes, you can. Studies have shown that online education can provide a superior learning experience as opposed to on-site classes. There are a variety of advantages to learning with The real estate TMO training.

  • Practice and learn on your own schedule
  • Pause, rewind, and watch lessons multiple times
  • Learn wherever you are from the subway to the gym and in your home
  • Get personalized feedback from instructors and peers
  • Learn from the top instructors (most of whom do not teach in person)
  • Get more actual lecture hours than any university or art school program
  • Learn techniques not fit for short classroom sessions such as glazing
  • Get access to thousands of videos, courses and articles right in your browser.

Is there a minimum number of months I have to commit to?

No! If you like you can subscribe for one month and cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll get access through the end of the current billing cycle. We do offer semiannual and annual plans which provide you with a discount.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription any time?

Yes you can! At any time you can change your subscription to better meet your educational needs.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds once you pay for a subscription.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We want you to get the world’s best real estate education at the world’s best price.

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