Here’s How To Roll Out a LISTING AGENT CAMPAIGN PLAN that Generates a Constant Supply of Sellers for Your Real Estate Business.

 All businesses need new customers; in real estate what you need is MORE SELLERS. On average you work 8 hours with sellers and 32 hours with buyers. Don’t forget about buyers but concentrate on getting SELLERS, (THIS IS THE ADVICE YOU WILL RECEIVE FROM EVERY BROKER, TOP PRODUCER OR COACH)

WHO MAKES MORE MONEY?…  A great listing agent or a great buyer’s agent? Who has more time off to be with their family and friends? If you ask any broker, TOP PRODUCER or real estate coach the answer invariably will be THE LISTING AGENT.

Obviously, it’s harder to become a listing agent because it takes more skills. It is extremely important to acquire those skills because LISTINGS allow you to:

  • Leverage your time by letting the buyer’s agent do all the work for you
  • Do the advertising for you, FREE!!!
  • IF HANDLED RIGHT,  is almost always equals to two transactions because it puts you in contact with buyers and helps you generate more business.
  • SAVE YOU MONEY.… You don’t have to purchase buyer’s leads because LISTINGS generate BUYER’S LEADS automatically (HINT: listings generate buyer leads. Zillow and Trulia know IT — that’s why they put your listings on their websites.
  • Control the inventory
  • Increase your presence in the market place
  • Remind your clients you exist

You can have and work 40 listings but you can’t work with 40 buyers at the same time.

You have hear these sayings many times before “In order to last you have to list”, or “Buyers are liars”

If you have been doing real estate for at least 6 months, you KNOW this is true (Ask your broker or any TOP PRODUCER).

Unfortunately, most agents never learn to work with sellers or build a portfolio of listings. That’s why we have created “The Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide” so you can have a plan to repeatedly continue to get listings and acquire new clients…

If you are a real estate agent (whether new or experienced) you need a proven step-by-step plan that has this acquisition strategy baked in from the beginning.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re about to give you…

Once you have our “Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide” you’ll have a proven, repeatable blue print that gets you new sellers…

This isn’t theory… this stuff actually works!

We know because we’ve used it to help thousands of real estate agents.


  1. Riley Smith 90+ in 2015
  2. Nancy Batcherlor
  3. Anthony Askowitz
  4. Darrin Tansey
  5. David Kurz
  6. Santiago Padilla

… and many more

Now we want to share the strategy with you.  This is the Listing plan our TOP AGENTS use to GET MORE LISTINGS …This is the PLAN you wished you had when you started in real estate

In other words, we want YOU to have this same SIMPLE, REPEATABLE plan for acquiring NEW LISTINGS.

The “The Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide”  will walk you through all the steps to GETTING MORE LISTING

Here’s What You’ll Get Immediate Access To When You Get “The Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide:

  • A complete 7-step execution plan containing everything you need to build your business as a listing agent
  • 4 main reasons you need to become a listing agent today
  • All of our handouts, checklists and worksheets to make sure you have everything you need to execute your listing agent plan
  • How to fuel your marketing plan to get more listing 
  • 8 week email marketing campaign for Expired Listings, For Sales By Owners products
  • Top 20 TITLES  to increase traffic and open rate when sending emails 
  • A complete walkthrough of how to quickly run test traffic to tweak your offer and scale your business fast
  • How to set up your Postcard mailing strategy, budgeting and objectives to maximize the potential for getting listings
  • Facebook Strategy, budgeting and objectives in order to get more LISTING
  • The 6 skills you need to master to become a listing agent
  • The 10 building blocks to become a successful listing agent
  • 6 steps to become a massive productive agent  

…and so much more!

Do NOT Approach Another Seller Without This Plan!

Seriously… don’t do it.

Why risk setting yourself for failure:

  1. Creating your own farm area without actually knowing if where you want to position yourself is actually worth it? (HINT: this is the most common mistake real estate agents make when focusing in an specific area, they don’t take the time to learn the turnover ratio in the area, BIG, BIG MISTAKE)
  2. Setting up your own marketing campaign, same old postcard with your picture profile (from 20 years ago), the just listed or just sold advertising that you know doesn’t work.
  3. COLD CALLING, SERIOUSLY??? I cant believe there are brokers and real estate coaches still asking you to cold call? How do you feel when somebody cold calls on you?….So,  Why would you do it to somebody else? None, again, none of the top agents we coach cold calls. Is that they way you want to build your business, ANNOYING PEOPLE? What our TOP AGENTS DO is many times more powerful than any of the old strategies and hardly anybody knows the plan.

This plan is proven and is simple to follow…

…you just need to use  “The Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide”   to take you in the right direction.

And price shouldn’t be an issue, because you can have access to the complete “Simple Step by Step to becoming a Listing Agent Guide (plus our templates, our checklist, handouts, and much more) for just $49.

Yep, Just $49


You can become a TOP PRODUCER at your company by being the guy or gal who finally knows how to GET LISTINGS at the right price while generating customers at a profits immediately.

You’ll save countless time, money and headaches by finally knowing how to GET LISTINGS.

The choice is yours. If you want to get started, click the “Add To Cart” button below and finally have  “The Simple Step BY Step PLAN TO BECOME A LISTING AGENT Guide” delivered to your desktop, right on your side…

…so you can stop WASTING TIME, MONEY and finally know exactly how to GET MORE LISTINGS…

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Prepare yourself and become a listing agent”

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