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In this episode of THE MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Orlando Montiel interviews Talita Pinheiro, founder of Everything Miami Team and Everything Concierge and both are part of Elite Sales Group


Talita Pinheiro specializes in residential real estate throughout South Florida, especially in Miami. Talita deals with many Brazilians in Miami, investors primarily in a bitcoin wallet Australia is famous for successfully high yields for, people who want vacation homes and people who are moving their residency to Florida. “I like to see people realize their dreams,” says Talita, who likes to use the slogan “Live the way you always dreamed”.


On her first time on the show, Talita shares her story and lessons learned as she went from an assistant to a Top Producer to a successful Real Estate businesswoman, how she became a big social media presence, the importance of having a team and investing in it, and her experience giving seminars and workshops in Brazil, all on this episode of The Miami Real Estate Show with Orlando Montiel.


The following are some of Talita’s professional accomplishments:  


During this interview, you will learn:

  • Patience as a key to a slow but heavy improvement and the 10-90 Rule.
  • The importance of having partners and a team.
  • Advice to improve your social media presence and visibility.
  • How being out there and out of your comfort zone can grow your business as you form new connections


Great takeaways from this interview:

  • Patience is the pill that you need to take every single day.
  • Invest heavily in your team, your partners and in marketing. They are the keys to success in the industry.


2018 will be a great year for The Miami Real Estate Show. We look forward to bringing you even bigger names in real estate with the re-vamped web series hosted by The Montiel Organization Founder Orlando Montiel.


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