Fortunately, for you, most agents don’t know how to answer objections.  As a matter of fact most don’t even know how many objections they can get from a client.  That’s why we created…

“The Complete Guide To Handling Objections”

You have invested a lot of time creating a marketing campaign to identify and find potential clients.  You have put the effort to pre-qualify, follow and prepare a presentation for your client.  After you are done with the presentation, one thing is certain…. You will receive at least one or two objections. Your ability to achieve success in real estate will be in direct proportion to your ability to handle, accept, and overcome the obstacles that most people call objections.

Ordinary agents may think that the objections are “tough”…but smart and successful agents know better.  

The sooner you begin learning and practicing the objections, the sooner you will achieve massive results in your presentation and getting more listings.

Successful agents know that, when you have the right logical answers and execute properly, there are few faster, easier, effective ways to getting the listing than handling the objections.

But how do you do it the right way?


  1. How do your practice the objections?
  2. How do you answer them?
  3. How many are there? 

These are the questions every real estate agent must be able to answer…More importantly, these are the questions you have must be able to answer if you want to fully maximize your efforts.

“In today’s knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn”. —Jeff Bezos

HINT:  THERE ARE ONLY 8 OBJECTIONS.  Learn to answer them and your closing to presentation ratio will increase by at least 75%

In  “The Complete Guide To Handling Objections” you will learn:
  1. How to practice the objection
  2. 3 step process to handling objections
  3. How to eliminate most of the objections
  4. Rules when handling objections
  5. How to answer THE 8 OBJECTIONS:
    1.  Money:  My home is worth more than my neighbor’s
    2. Commission:  Why don’t you lower your commission?
    3.  Comparison:  I want to interview other agents
    4. Authority:  I need to speak to my spouse
    5. Escape Technique:  Let me think about it
    6. No need:  I don’t really need to sell, I’ll sell only if I get what I’m asking for
    7. Satisfied:  I don’t need an agent, I’m satisfied with what I’m doing to sell my home
    8. Commitment:  Bring me a buyer and I’ll pay you the commission.

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