This is the advice you wished you received years ago.  

Be prepared and take notes as we explore the habits and the routines of the top producers of the real estate industry

Over the past 15 years we have coached an interviewed thousands of agents including number four and number seven in the country according to Forbes and the wall St journal and we discovered that they all do different things in different ways but they all do the mayor things the same way.

Let’s start with what they don’t.

  • They don’t do cold calls
  • They don’t cold expired listings
  • They don’t work with for sale by owner’s
  • They don’t just send postcards

What they do it’s 100 times more powerful than any of those things and even now hardly real estate agent or broker understands the strategy.

The “HOW TO BECOME A TOP PRODUCER GUIDE” will show you the secrets to achieving massive success as a real estate agent.

How is business so far? Are you off to a slow start? IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO HAVE A GREAT YEAR. Our experience after coaching thousands of agents tells us that most real estate agents have the potential to have a great business, YET VERY FEW REALIZE THEIR POTENTIAL. We have designed the  “HOW TO BECOME A TOP PRODUCER GUIDE” for those agents wanting to have an extremely productive real estate practice with clear and simple goals that will take them to the production of their dream.

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER “REAL ESTATE GUIDE”. The concepts and principles you’ll learn here will radically improve and change the way you conduct your real estate business.

This guide will help you to:

  1. Properly set the right goals for your next week, quarter and year
  2. Identify the right SYSTEMS to accomplish your goals
  3. Discover The 6 things you need to SELL REAL ESTATE
  4. Learn THE 7 ABILITIES you need to develop to become a TOP PRODUCER
  5. How to maximize time and productivity 

Let’s create the best year you have ever have in real estate. YOU STILL HAVE TIME !!!!



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