This week in the MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Orlando Montiel interviews Broker-Owner of the Year for RE/MAX North America in 2011 and top producer Anthony Askowitz. The following are some of his professional accomplishments during his 25 years in the industry:

  • #1 Broker in Florida in 2008 & 2011 for RE/MAX North America.
  • Second most productive office for RE/MAX in the state of Florida.
  • Sixth most productive Realtor in Florida for RE/MAX with over 200 transactions closed in one calendar year.
  • RE/MAX Diamond Club member (Over $1 million in commissions per year.)
  • Member of Master Brokers Forum -Top 250 agents in Dade County.

During the interview Anthony reveals many of the habits and practices that have made him a successful broker and realtor:

  • What systems to put in place in order to have a great real estate business.
  • How to manage your time.
  • How to build a successful team.
  • The best way to farm an area.

Great quotes from Anthony:

  • “Time is not equal to money because you can’t get back your time.”
  • “Delegating is key to the growth of your business, I went from 100 transactions to 170 transactions in one year in part because I was able to delegate.”
  • “You work about 32 hours with buyers and 8 hours with sellers, don’t stop working with buyers but learn how to delegate.”
  • If I can’t have a team I can’t go away. Going away is part of living life and one of my main goals.”

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