Together we can develop a real estate business that drives results.

After 15 years of training new and experienced agents plus many top producer we have learned that:

The Montiel Organization and their coaches focus on those three components, training, team building and accountability, making the training for
companies/ institutions an extremely effective tool to increase agent’s productivity in a very short period.  

What’s the Training About?

We’ve designed a high-performance training platform for Real Estate Companies/Institutions where the goal is to recruit the right agents and then train them to exponentially increase the productivity of every participant in the group (number of presentations, listings taken and closed sales.)

We offer different types of trainings specifically for companies/institutions, one of our most popular is called “GYBIS 90” Get Your Business in Shape In 90 Days, we also offer seminars like How to Become a Top Producer, How to become a Listing Agent, and “Stop Selling Like it is 1985” among others.

Some of the Companies/Institutions We’ve Trained

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increase the productivity of your office.

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