This week in the MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Orlando Montiel interviews Douglas Elliman South Florida Chief Executive Officer, Jay Parker.

You will learn:

• How to distinguish yourself, “Something most agents don’t know how to do”-Jay Parker
• How to use the economics behind the market to help your clients and close more deals.
• The #1 way to build your real estate business.
• How to start your date to set it up for success.

Great quotes from Jay’s interview:

• “It takes time to build a successful business and you must take the time to build it right”
• “Any realtor that doesn’t understand the economics behind their market is failing him or herself”. You will learn what to do about it.
• “Pay attention to the mailers that you send. Nobody cares about the house you just sold”
• “The successful agents need to also spend time focusing on how to get better, bigger and stronger”

This amazing conversation will keep you up to speed with the latest and most relevant real estate market information, in order to help your clients and grow your business.


You can listen from your phone or computer here

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