This week in the MIAMI REAL ESTATE SHOW, Orlando Montiel interviews Top Producer, Chair of the Master Broker Forum and founder of one of the most successful real estate companies in Miami Beach, Majestic Properties, Jeff Morr.

You will learn:

  • How much of your income should be invested in marketing.
  • How often you should send e-mails to your database and what information you should use.
  • For how long you should commit to any campaign or marketing strategy.
  • The best advice for agents that want to start their own company.


  • The future of Miami Real Estate market, especially in 2016.
  • How to find real estate opportunities for your clients in today’s market.

Great quotes from Jeff:

  • “Your broker is your mall, the broker gives you a space in the mall and you own your store.”
  • “Top producers are not cheap, Top producers understand the value of spending money to make money”
  • “Marketing is the key to longevity in this business. In the recession period I increased my marketing and I did better than ever”

His record breaking transitions:

  • 600 units sold in one day
  • $300 million in sales in one day
  • $70 million transaction

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