What does the price cover?
The most important thing we offer is working side to side with the realtors in integration with the coaching process.

Design and setup is base on the following templates. ( You choose what to use )
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3

  • Designed and created to follow all the Montiel Organization Coaching principles and guidelines. (The website is in complete integration with Montiel Organization coaching system)
  • All colors, images and content ( 90% ) can be change with basic admin access.
  • Automatic integration with e-mail management system ( Mailchimp )
  • Social Media integration ( Youtube channel, Twitter account, Facebook, etc )
  • Lead capture process using subscription and “download now” features, which is one of the most important aspect of every real estate website and most don’t have.
  • Ability to capture potential clients.
  • IDX free and premium integration.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • E-mail and phone support.
  • Mortage Rates Calculator.
  • Sellers and Buyers Sections
  • $60 monthly fee.
  • We work together with The Montiel Organization, LLC coaching program in order to made your website the most functional and personalized possible according to the coaching principles and system implement by the program to achieve 2 main objective: Provide you with the competitive advantage over other agents to POSITION you as the expert of choice in your client’s mind and increase and strengthen the relationship with your DATABASE.

Do I need special software on my PC?

– You don’t need special software, the system is 100% is web based access.

Who does the hosting and is there a monthly hosting fee?

Hosting and domain is the agent’s responsability, we advice use godaddy.com for both domain and hosting.

With godaddy domain is around $12 / anual and $4 to $6/month for hosting, we support any other hosting company you prefer – Linux – Cpanel

How do I upload new content?

We provide the support to upload new content ( this service in included with the monthly fee )

Is there a charge?

We’ll upload the content for you at no extra charge.

Can I add articles or links to articles about changing mortgage rates or trends in real estate or advice to first-time buyers, etc.

Yes, you have full control of your content.

We can also make custom Website with top design standards and extra features too ( request quote )

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